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Wine goes beyond the realm of just what it tastes and smells like. The idea behind wine and art pairing is to look at wine as it affects us emotionally. Like art, wine can evoke emotions and create an experience or vice-versa. It can create an experience which leaves a lasting impression.

Taking a closer look at the two we can learn more about the basics of wine and art pairing and see how their fundamental elements relate to each other.

The basic idea behind wine and art pairing is to look at the basic fundamental elements of wine and those of art and compare them with each other. Each element creates a certain experience.

The key to wine and art pairing is understanding how to break down the two to their fundamentals. Both wine and art are rooted in our emotions. As we start to learn the fundamentals of each, we will start to understand why wine and art evoke certain emotions in us.

A wine’s aroma and flavor can take us back in time to another place. Why is it that people have such an eye-opening experience when they travel to Europe and drink the house wine. They are blown away that the inexpensive wine is so good. But it’s really the experience that makes the wine taste so good.

Sipping the wine that was poured from a clay pot is part of the experience which creates an emotion. Can this be duplicated back at home while drinking the same wine? Probably not. Wine is rooted in our emotions and our emotions are a direct result of our experiences.

Art is also rooted in our emotions, it can touch our hearts and drive us to tears or laughter. Art and wine are an experience. They affect and effect our emotional state. When it comes to making the pairing, we look at the fundamentals of each and decide a pairing by matching the emotional result of the art and wine.